UBO tyres are solid & hot retreaded tires made in The Netherlands since 1960. We combine current and proven profiles with quality rubber compounds making these the smart circular tyre choice. A direct benefit of Retreading is the decrease in the consumption of raw materials and emissions occuring during the production process. The latter is identical to the final production stage of a new tyre, as the tread is formed in a mold where a combination of high pressure, heat, and time completes the final vulcanization process. Since 1960, the UBO retreading activities have kept approximately 900,000 tires out of the waste stream. Furthermore, the UBO retreading process uses 70% less oil when producing a single tyre compared to a new one. This has resulted in the saving of more than 45,000,000 Litres of oil. And this number does even reflect the financial benefits of equiping fleets with UBO retreads.

  • Reduces noise and inconsistent wear
  • Cost-efficient with excellent mileage
  • Safety as a priority, circular by choice

The mission is to transform the linear tyre industry into a circular one.
To make an impact on the world, one tyre at the time.

Frequently Asked

Here is a collection of questions that our clients frequently ask us.

Who are your clients?

Our clients consist mostly of individual vehicle owners, fleet owners and tyre specialists. If you are curious to know whether Tyre Plan can fulfill your needs, reach out to us in the contact section.

What is the Kargro Group?

The Kargro Group is a leading actor on the tyre market since 1968. Its entire business model is focussed on the principles of the circular economy. The businesses of the group focus on providing a complete set of solutions to the tyre life cycle and specifically to the End-of-Life phase of the tyre. From producing retreads to recycling non-fit tyres, the Kargro Group contributes to market innovation, sustainability and to improving the safety of the European Tyre Market.

How are you contributing to sustainability?

By enabling clients to take on the emissions and waste produced by end-of-life tyres, the company has established best-in-class techniques and innovations that maximize the value retained on these tyres and minimize their environmental impact.

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Other Products

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The performance and overall quality of a Recamic tread is comparable to that of the of newly produced, premium tires. The special formula of the Recamic tread uses rubber compounds developed and manufactured by Michelin.

Highly trusted solution


We are the exclusive Benelux Ringtread partner. We offer a circular, double-contoured, and spliceless profile. Ringtread tyres can match or even exceed the performance and reliability of new high-quality tyres.

Spliceless retread & 25% more mileage