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Our Tyre Solutions

Our tyre retreading solutions and services have a two-fold objective, to offer our clients the best quality tyres and transform the linear tyre industry through circularity and sustainability. We offer performance-oriented and high-quality tyres with less rolling resistance, more grip, and a longer life cycle.


The performance and overall quality of a Recamic tread is comparable to that of the of newly produced, premium tires. The special formula of the Recamic tread uses rubber compounds developed and manufactured by Michelin.

Highly trusted solution
Safety at core
Sustainability at heart


We are the exclusive Benelux Ringtread partner. We offer a circular, double-contoured, and spliceless profile. Ringtread tyres can match or even exceed the performance and reliability of new high-quality tyres.

Spliceless retread & 25% more mileage
Saves resources, decreases waste and we enable a constant supply.
Stronger, has more grip and a longer life-cycle.


UBO tyres are re-treaded through a warm process which provides excellent carcass protection. We combine current and proven profiles with quality rubber compounds making these the smart circular tyre choice.

Reduces noise and inconsistent wear
Cost-efficient with excellent mileage
Safety as a priority, circular by choice
Quick & Quality Orders

Our fleet of trucks and our ideal distribution points enable us to reach our clients with agility and speed.

Circular Choice

We operate a fully circular business aiming to change the tyre industry through an optimized retreading process and quality offering.

Active Support

Our teams are available around the clock for your fleet,  orders and to provide best-in-class advice.

Large Offering

We are heavily invested in providing our retreaded solutions to all fleet vehicle types and their needs.

Welcome to the next generation of performance tires

Banden Plan Europa is a subsidiary of the Kargro Group, an organisation that has put the circular business model at the heart of its operations and products. The objective of Banden Plan Europa is to provide quality performing retreads to its clients and to redefine the retread experience. From optimal retreading procedures to supporting fleets of vehicles, our firm is dedicated to build the next generation of retreads. Our factories work around the clock to provide you with the highest quality tyres.

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Who are your clients?

Our clients consist of individual vehicle owners, fleet owners and tyre specialists. If you are curious to know whether Banden Plan Europa can fulfill your needs, reach out to us in the contact section.

What is the Kargro Group?

The Kargro Group is a leading actor on the tyre market since 1968. Its entire business model is focussed on the principles of the circular economy.

How are you contributing to sustainability?

By enabling clients to take on the emissions and waste produced by end-of-life tyres, the company has established best-in-class techniques and innovations that maximize the value retained on these tyres and minimize their environmental impact.

What People Say

Doing business with Banden Plan means doing business with an independent and neutral party that supports you in the field of customer loyalty and other supporting activities."

Erik Spapens, Bandenservice Acht

Tire retreading has been recommended by our company to customers for years with the main reasons being; reducing the big pile of waste, reduction of waste, less use of raw materials, whereby the quality in terms of performance and grip is not inferior to new tires, so low hanging fruits for an important contribution to sustainable tire policy.

Current job openings

In this section, you will find all our current job openings. If you have questions or wish to apply for a different position, please contact us at

Montfoort, NL
Sales Support Representative -
Banden Plan Europa