Banden Plan Europa

Banden Plan Europa
Setting the new standard

Banden Plan Europa is a pan-European leader in the retreading market that has embedded the circular business model at the center of its operations and offering. The company's objective is to provide quality and performing retreads to its clients while redefining the retread experience. 

From developing optimal retreading technologies to supporting fleets of vehicles with their tyres, the firm dedicates itself to its clients and the future of retreads. By partnering up with innovative actors, such as Marangoni, the factories work around the clock to provide their customers with the highest quality circular tyres.

The mission is to redefine the retreading industry and its perception by bringing to the market tires that have less rolling resistance, more grip, and a longer life cycle.

Quality & Safety 

All our tyres follow a strict procedure regardless of the retreading method. They are inspected, scanned, re-inspected and retreaded with precise technology and machinery. From having tested to having established an impeccable track-record of satisfied clients, we are proud of our etiquette. Moreover, our clients and the regulating authorities work with us continuously. 


At Banden Plan Europa, our retreads are known to be strong, to have less rolling resistance, more grip and a longer life-cycle. We provide tyres that are performance oriented by producing them with best-in-class methodologies and innovative practices.


Acquiring a new tyre stretches your expenditure, as opposed to a certified retread that costs less and offers the same quality standards. This statement is justified by the quality of the casing, which often remains in perfect state, meaning that the total cost of acquiring a new tread comes down to its re-treading. 


Doing business with Banden Plan Europa ensures a guarantee of supply. We are a reliable firm that operates with factories and offices all over the Benelux. Our own fleet of trucks, makes sure that your needs are met within your required timeframe. We deliver with fast windows throughout the Benelux and do so on international basis too. 

Our corporate film

Watch our Banden Plan Europa short film to get acquainted with our circular business model and our different products.

Banden Plan Europa forms part of the circular business-model of the Kargro Group. From trading tyres to retreading, we stand behind our sustainable values and practices. The tyre industry produces large quantities of waste that are ignored by its stakeholders. Over the last decades, we have come to assess the value of tyre waste. From the metals to the rubber, it is important to recycle and reuse the valuable components of tyre casings. 

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